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My name is Mandy Byrd and I’m currently working in the public relations field. 

On this website you will find a showcase of all my work throughout the years in art, photography, and more! Click around! See what you find. Tell me what you think.

My Skills

Below are a few of my top technical and soft skills.

Web Design

I have extensive experience with web design applications and plug-ins such as WordPress, Google Sites, Elementor, and more!


I have experience managing and supervising various projects and assignments in my current and previous positions. I also spearheaded a workshop series for students at my previous position. 

Social Media

I currently develop social content for clients and my current employer including post and blog copy, graphics, and more. I also have developed social media content and onsite branding at my previous position. 

Graphic Design

I have created materials such as logos, album covers, and advertisements using various products including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, and more.  


I have established real-world communication skills through my current experience as an associate and previous roles as a consultant and staff supervisor. I have an eye for constructive feedback, the ability to inspire and encourage others, and great active listening and relationship-building skills. 

Public Relations

In my current position, I develop content, conduct market research and analysis, assist with program development and implementation, and carry out extensive media outreach. I craft compelling stories and deliver strong media results on various issues.

Video & Photo Editing

I have expansive experience with video and image editing applications including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, and GIMP. 


I currently work on several accounts with various teams and have developed the ability to move swiftly between projects in a balanced manner where others can depend on me to produce efficient and quality work. Through this experience, I learned how to build trust amongst my team and work with people of various backgrounds. 

Continued Learning

I believe that continued learning and skill-building are essential to growing as a person and professional. I have participated in professional workshops, taken art classes, tutored, and taught workshops to help myself and others learn and stay sharp. I also hope to further my education in the future by obtaining a Master's degree. 

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