Just a quick note.

The paintings on this page were either created by paint or Painter’s Essentials 6 (which I highly recommend using for digital art). 

The photo pieces were taken by a Canon Rebel DSLR camera and edited using Corel After Shot 3. 

I also used the Wacom drawing tablet (again highly recommended!) to create most of the pieces below!  


Mandy Byrd

Byrd Creations Owner

Miles Morales

This is my second attempt at using Corel Painter Essentials 6 and it was a complete success! I wanted to create a little fan art for the Into the Spider Verse film that I saw a couple months ago.  I plan to add a New York City background on to this later, but for now enjoy this process gif of Miles!


This piece was the first one I created using Corel Painter’s Essentials 6! It turned out better than I ever could of hoped! I got inspired to create this one from looking at other light blub creations on Pinterest… there are a lot. With a lot of crazy things in them from butterflies and hot air balloons to boats and whales. I did not see an octopus however, so I decided to take a crack at it. This is the result.

Plant Rainbow

This crazy rainbow piece was inspired by Dr.Suess’s book Horton Hears a Who.  When I saw this plant all I could think of was the friendly elephant who saved a tiny town that lived on a tiny speck. So, I created colorful editions of my original photo of the plant.

Exotic Flowers

I made this gif by taking the original photos and playing with exposure, hues, saturation, and contrast. Turned out better than I expected.

Elderly Eye

One of my favorite things to draw are eyes. So when I got my new drawing tablet I naturally drew an eye to test the tablet out. Here is the result.


Rainbow Flower

I created this piece with paint. It was the first piece that I created that was animated.